The restoration of graphic arts encompasses a large quantity of very diverse works made on paper, such as engravings, posters, drawings (sanguine, watercolor, charcoal, etc.), pastels, plans, tracing, etc… The nature of the paper, the media used and other factors such as light and humidity can make these works extremely fragile and delicate to handle.

When this material is damaged, it is necessary to call upon a conservator to restore all the properties, historical and aesthetic values to the works.

Graduated from a European Master’s degree level II as a heritage conservator-restorer specializing in Graphic Arts, my expertise is aimed at all individuals, art dealers, collectors and archives. The conservation-restoration interventions carried out in the workshop are based on ethical principles: reversibility, harmlessness and stability of materials, respect for the historical and aesthetic aspect of the work of art.

Some examples of restoration treatments :

  • Dry or aqueous cleaning

  • Mitigation or removal of stains and adhesive residues

  • Lining with Japanese paper

  • Consolidation of folds and tears

  • Gap Filling

  • Dismantling

  • Color reintegration / retouching

  • Flattening